Student ID Card Maker Software Reviews

Student ID Card Designing application is useful to create standard looking ID cards. Software provides the option to add a photo to a student ID card either using the camera setting option or browsing an image which is saved on the user’s PC. Software has a cropping tool for cropping a single or multiple images for student ID cards. Student ID card maker has many tools, shapes, designs, styles, templates, effects, and backgrounds that help in making attractive student ID cards. Software allows users to design new format student ID card or edit existing student ID card format as per need. Software provides a “Fill user details” option for filling out a user profile if they need to enter the details manually. Software allows users to copy the current ID card design to the other side of the student ID card. Users can also generate student ID card barcodes using a barcode generator. User can also change the template contrast and brightness with the help of the image processing option and also change the background color. Users easily design ID cards without the need for skills or technical knowledge.

Student ID card Maker Software Features:

* Software can easily design the Student ID card using user own designs or predefined designs or templates as per user requirements.
*Save designed student ID cards in various file formats like GIF, JPEG, PDF, PNG etc.
* Software allows users to design new formats for student ID cards or edit existing student ID card as per the user’s needs.
*Design student ID card using line, arc, text, barcode, picture, signature, watermark and other image designing objects.
* Software provides Live Group and Batch Processing Modes to design multiple Id cards for students by using Excel Files.
* Users can choose a card category such as PVC card or paper card.

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