IMAP Migration Tool Reviews

IMAP Mail Backup Tool is competent enough to Backup IMAP to PST, PDF, and other file formats. Besides, It is one of the topmost tools, and the utility of this tool with unique features makes it distinct in the industry and sets it apart from the competition. This tool is easy to operate and doesn’t require any professional or technical background. When you run the software as an administrator, enter all the required credentials like ID, Password, IMAP Host, and IMAP Port. Next, Wizard is loaded with a tree structure, where the user can select the folder or folders and click Next. After selecting the folder(s), select the file format or Email Client. The screen asks you to check the Options as per the requirement as it offers you Options like Remove Duplicate Files so that a mess is not created among files. You can skip items that have already migrated and add the feature to Backup Emails without attachment files. In addition, you can also split your resultant Output PST file as per your hard drive storage. The next feature allows you to Set a Backup Schedule in case you forgot to take a backup of your data. Anymore, select Mail Filter to set date ranges that sort your emails based on date. Immediately succeeding, you will get the column of Custom Folder Name, where you can assign a name for your folder. Then, select the destination path for your resultant folder by clicking the Path To Save button. Next, click on the Convert button to execute the whole steps, and click the Previous button if you wish to make any changes. If you click the Convert button, then the scanning backup will start. And finally, you can download your output file to your resultant destination. This IMAP Migration Tool converts your file(s) and folder(s) and allows users to save and import emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks into the desired saving option. You can Download the IMAP mailbox Free; this works as a Free IMAP Backup by which you can back up or migrate 50 emails per folder.

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