Golf Monster Reviews

Golf Monster is a 2D puzzle game in which you have to complete levels while playing golf. In this game you control a cute monster who loves to hammer balls into holes. At first glance, it might seem that the gameplay of this game is incredibly simple, but don’t jump to conclusions. Each of the levels is unique and unrepeatable. To be able to complete the levels, you need excellent accuracy and perfectly calculated impact force. Again, do not think that you can pass all the levels easily and easily, because somewhere it will be quite accurate to aim, somewhere to hit the ball a little harder, and somewhere you have to think about and use enemies and traps to successfully complete the level … The enemies of our hero will be other monsters who do not want the ball to hit the hole, but I would like to clarify – all the enemies in this game are slightly stupid, and in most cases they only contribute to our success, because you just have to guess how they can be outwitted and used for your own purposes. I would like to remind you that in order for you to successfully complete the level, you need to find the crystal, and also score the ball without exceeding the available number of hits on it. Will you be able to successfully complete all the levels in this game? It’s up to you to decide. Good luck!

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