DMAP Reviews

DMAP (Drought Monitor And Prediction) software emerges as a critical tool for addressing the substantial impact of drought. Recognizing drought as a potent natural hazard, DMAP focuses on monitoring and prediction to mitigate its widespread damage and effects on communities.
Drought indices are pivotal for characterizing severity, detecting onset and cessation, and managing water resources effectively. DMAP supports this by offering a versatile platform for calculating diverse indices for meteorological, agricultural, and hydrological droughts. The software accommodates various climate data formats, expanding its usability.

Researchers, dealing with the intricate and time-consuming task of calculating different indices, find a comprehensive solution in DMAP. The software streamlines drought monitoring by providing an array of graphs for insightful representation and aids in predicting future drought events.

The tool covers meteorological indices such as SPI, DI, PN, and more. Agricultural indices include ARI, SMDI, ETDI, while hydrological indices encompass SWSI and SDI. The Drought Index tab simplifies calculations, and graphs like line, columnar, severity, and Boxplot offer visual insights.

Moreover, DMAP’s predictive capability stands out. Users can import General Circulation Model outputs, allowing the calculation and assessment of desired indices for future periods. This predictive feature enhances preparedness, planning, and proactive measures against potential drought occurrences.

In essence, DMAP serves as an indispensable, powerful, and versatile tool for researchers and users, providing essential resources for effective drought monitoring, analysis, and prediction within their study areas.

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