StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader Reviews

1. Offer a complete country-specific support
Disney’s new streaming platform, Disney Plus, is now available in several regions around the world. This Disney Plus downloader makes it possible to download videos and shows from various regional websites, such as from U.S., DE, FR, JP,etc

Hence, no matter where you are you can always download Disney Plus videos to enjoy.

2. Save downloaded videos in MP4 format
Cartoons, Marvel movies, and various great contents can be downloaded from Disney+ streaming service in 720p resolution and EAC3 5.1 audio and be saved in MP4 format which is compatible with almost all devices so that your downloaded videos can be played on any device.

3.Customize audio and subtitles
Normally several audio tracks and subtitle languages are offered by a TV show or a movie. This Disney downloader will automatically select an audio and subtitle track per the UI language.

Of course, you can also set up the audio and subtitles manually to fit your needs.

4. Download videos in Batch Mode and fast speed
Batch download and fast speed modes are quite beneficial, especially for those who want to have TV series downloaded.

Batch mode makes it easy for you to choose videos in bulk to download; and the fast speed feature makes it quick for you to download videos, for example, a whole movie can be finished in 10 ~20 minutes.

5. Output subtitles as SRT files or remux into video
Many people are used to watching videos with subtitles. Putting this into consideration, this downloader offers you two options to deal with the subtitles.

You can output and save subtitles as a widely-supported file format – SRT file. Alternatively, you can also directly remux subtitles into video.

6. Get access to metadata info
During the downloading process, you can also get access to the media-friendly metadata info, such as movie title, cast, season, cover, etc.

That is to say, you can build a media library and manage all the downloaded videos effi

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