Kill Your Brain Reviews

It may appear simple at first glance, but a rather dynamic and hardcore casual game with atmospheric music awaits you.
The player randomly builds paths of the sectors, which in turn must be overcome in various ways depending
on the game mode. Your mission is to survive as long as possible, and to travel the greatest possible distance, and be rewarded for avoiding obstacles.
As the game evolves, the difficulty increases up to the limit, but you can never run out of things to use.
In addition various images will be available to you, which in addition to the appearance of the player provide certain unique features, achievements and about 40 shops
where you can buy useful items.

A few tips for the game:
1. Try to perform achievements to earn money and new images.
2. Each image has its own unique feature. Use them to achieve the desired objectives.
3. In the store you can buy a variety of possibilities to simplify the game. Consumable goods need to be used wisely.
4. Try not to collide with obstacles. You can earn more points and time points this way.
5. Stay in the triangle as much as possible by pressing the left mouse button. This will give you more speed and points.
6. Buy only those things that are necessary to achieve a certain goal. Don’t blow your money!
7. During the daily intake you may win a great cash prize. But luck is involved here.

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