Windows Mobile Text Messaging Software Reviews

Windows Mobile Bulk SMS Software is very best and efficient way to communicate with the people by sending text messages without the internet connection. Application helps the people to grow the business by promoting products, brands and services through text SMS. Following steps describe the full functionality of the windows mobile bulk SMS application-
Step 1: Choose any one type of mode either Single-shot execution mode or one-by-one contact process mode.
Step 2: Software provides three import and composing options, load contacts from file, add or paste manually and send unique or personalized SMS to every contact using excel option.
Step 3: Update the messages in two different ways, update selected messages option or apply this message to list items option.
*In update selected message option, select the contact numbers, update the messages of each contact number and apply it.
*In apply this message to list items option, select some contact numbers, write a new message in message composer box and update the same message to the selected numbers.
Step 4: Send the texts messages in any language along with special characters, symbols and emojis by selecting the enable Unicode character support option.
Step 5: Skip the duplicate number entries during SMS transmission process by selecting the skip duplicate numbers option.
Step 6: Handle the load of SMS broadcasting by clicking on delay delivery option.
*In this option, user can delayed any number of messages for a limited time
Step 7: Click on exclusion list wizard option to exclude some contacts from receiving messages.
Step 8: With the help of save sent message to template option, save all the text messaged as a template so that it can be directly transferred to other contacts without any change.
Step 9: Export all the messages list along with contact numbers in the excel format by clicking on export list option.
Step 10: Send the generated text messages to contact numbers by clicking on send option.

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