Excel SMS Sending Software for Windows Reviews

Software is ideal solution for both professional and non professional users. Software helps business users to stay in touch with clients, consumers, business partners, students, teachers, office coworkers, firm employees, and other targeted audiences by sending large text messages to national or international mobile networks without utilizing the internet. Software forwards single or multiple text messages to target number of people without any duplicate contact number entries from PC using window based cell phones. Software provides four import options: Load Contacts from File, load contact from phone, Send unique or personalized SMS to every Contact using Excel and Add or Paste Numbers manually to send multiple number of messages to customers. Software provides option to send message that contains non-English (Unicode) characters or English character. Software supports business users in increasing sales and profit by engaging with a focused audience via sending unlimited SMS via PC or laptop using Windows cell phones. Software exports the contact list or message list through excel sheet format.
*Software Provides facility to send SMS using Delayed Delivery Options.
*Software delivers alert, notification SMS to promote your product or inform about discount offers, holiday etc.
*Software sends text messages worldwide without requiring any internet connection.
*Software provides option to send standard messages and notification alerts.
*Software allows users to save delivered items details at specified location in computer system for further reference.
*Software supports all Window versions.
*Software has options to send customized messages using Excel or Text based files.

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