Backlink Checker Software Reviews

Company provides professional backlink checker software that constantly monitors website incoming, inward weblink from advertisers websites page and informs publisher when any inline link is added or removed over internet with analysis of improve or degrade in popularity and performance over world wide web. Affordable website backlink checker utility analyzes sites performance and generates report synopsis in easy to understand HTML or TXT file format with complete details all inward link status over advertisers website pages including link not found, link found, altered anchor text, page not found and other cases. Powerful and efficient website downtime monitoring tool continuously watches publisher website for sites downtime status and immediately informs owner through email alert notification if website is found down over internet with synopsis of the problem occurred including website hacked, server fault, malware corruption and other cases. Easy to operate online site link tracking utility provides user friendly graphical user interface with frequently asked question like how to check backlink over internet support making website backlink monitoring an easy task and can be handled by non technical novice user with ease. Efficient inward link checker software tracks advertisers website pages for exact anchor and descriptive text provided by publisher for advertisement over web pages and informs owner if any change is noticed in provided anchor or descriptive text via email notification containing logs of changes detected link anchor text changed, short description, description removed, hidden link and other cases. Download backlink checker tool and monitor incoming direct, reciprocal, JavaScript and other weblinks over internet and evaluate sites performance in real-time.
* Backlink checker software monitors website status.
* Provides performance and popularity over web in real-time.
* Tracks inline, inward direct, reciprocal and other weblinks.

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