Modem SMS Reviews

Website provides Modem SMS software that effectively delivers bulk messages having job alerts, event notifications, price alerts, job invitation, news alerts, share market update, meeting reminders and other commercial or personalized messages in cost effective and timely manner. Best freeware bulk text message sending utility facilitates user to connect large number of USB modems with PC or laptop conveniently so that they can transmit thousands of text messages over a large network in minimal time duration. Easy to download Modem SMS program is most suitable for business applications and helps user in sending large volume of messages to their business associative, partners, clients, friends, staff employees, managers etc just in some click of mouse without having any internet connection or gateway in between. Most affordable group messaging tool enables you to send massive SMS in both English and Non English (Unicode) languages according to your requirement. Powerful and reliable Modem SMS software allows you to stay connected with your family, colleague’s, friends and managers when you are outside from your city or country through messaging and save your precious money in making costly phone calls. With the assistance of Modem SMS utility you can market your business services or promote your product just in few mouse clicks and increase the attention of customers towards your business in quickest manner. Compatible and convenient bulk messaging empowers you to easily manage the overall traffic load after bulk SMS broadcasting. Smart messaging tool delivers event notification as well as standard SMS from your personal computer connected via USB modem.
* Both technical as well as non technical users can use software conveniently.
* Enables you in marketing your business services and product advertisement through SMS broadcasting.
* Successfully works with all latest operating system under Windows like XP/VISTA/SEVEN and many more.

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