MS Access to MySQL Db Converter Reviews

Automatic MS Access database converter allows database conversion of tables, fields, indexes or whole database. MS Access database converter software converts the records from MS Access to MySQL even when database is password protected and this software supports all major data types and attributes. Database files converter migrate MS Access records into MySQL database server efficiently and supports all windows platform like 98, ME, 2000, NT, 2003 Server, XP, Vista operating system. Database conversion utility supports migration of MS Access database into a new MySQL database or overwrites or merges into the existing database records. Automatic database converter tool is easy to use, non-destructive, read-only utility that supports all MS Access data types or attributes and all major versions of MS Access database server. Database file converter software converts selected database table records or entire database records in to MySQL. Database synchronization software migrate MS Access database to MySQL server and its field properties including indexes, null values and key values into MySQL format, also maintains database integrity with high degree of accuracy.
* Database conversion service is non-destructive utility that does not require any technical skills to handle the software.
* Database migrator tool can overwrite the converted database with existing database or saves converted database at user specified location.
* Migrate MS Access database to MySQL server utility supports all major versions of MS Access and MySQL servers.
* Freeware MS Access database converter tool supports multilingual environment with accurate database conversion.
* MS Access db converter software converts MS Access to MySQL database records even MS Access MBR file is password protected.

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